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longcode service
Virtual mobile number for receiving text and voice data is considered as long code. It is an enterprise solution. This service can be accessed globally to interact with applications, get desired information and activation’s etc. It is available in two types.

DEDICATED LONGCODE is the best solution for high traffic enterprises. As this means that particular number is dedicatedly assigned for particular user. Thus high volume data can be handled in a better way with no interruptions in service. Unlimited main keywords are notable advantage of dedicated long code as the keywords can be rented out also.
SHARED LONGCODE is comfortable way to manage optimum traffic. This also works same as dedicated long code does but with few limitations. One main keyword and unlimited sub keywords are its key features. Low setup cost and monthly rental make this option affordable for everyone.
Customers can reach you for more information or show interest in your product or service via a simple SMS sent to your inbox. You can configure your inbox either by using keywords on shared numbers or by just using dedicated numbers. With the shared number option, any SMS sent with your keyword (e.g. MyCompany) to a shared long code (e.g. 9xxxx xxxxx) reaches your inbox. With the dedicated option, any SMS sent to your dedicated long code reaches your inbox.
Adding a long code to your marketing provides an easy, low-cost way for customers to contact you instantly. Shared long codes are perfect to get started with your SMS marketing activity, as they are very affordable, while being easy to remember for customers.
Inbound numbers also help you organically expand your contact database! Anyone who sends an sms to your inbox is classed as an opt-in for the session and their number will be available in your inbox, ready to transfer to your contact list – saving you time and money buying in mobile data or targeting contacts not engaged with your brand.
Whether you want to expand your contact database or receive replies by two way SMS communication, SMSCart has the answer and many of our clients tell us that having a text reply option substantially increases overall response rates.

longcode vmn pricing

  • Contact Us for the pricing regarding the Dedicated Longcode.
  • Taxes @18% to be added over and above the quoted pricing.



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